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About Us: Forstrex Express Courier

Forstrex Express Courier, basically started business in 2000, is a global international courier company based in London, providing customers with professional express, freight forwarding, customs clearance, transportation and logistics services. It has become one of the largest delivery networks in London through the territory-wide express delivery network,Forstrex Express Courier now provides a speedy and reliable express service to over 200 countries and a domestic service through London. Forstrex Express Courier is a specializes in time critical (“next flight out”) courier shipments and in general air / sea /land express services. In addition, Forstrex Express Courier operates own warehouses / offices in London, USA and Canada have own custom broker license along with own vehicles which make us a strong partner for your domestic and cross-border distributions. Forstrex Express Courier is a member of International Air Express Association have own allocated warehouse at Courier Zone International Airport have a very efficient team to handle all inbound shipments.

Over the years, we have listened to our customers and have offered solutions for their varied goods/parcel requirements. At Forstrex International Delivery we have created an environment where customer needs come first. Through a combination of company resources, acquisitions and partnerships, we have greatly expanded our service offerings to a growing family of clients. During this growth, we have kept the same commitment to quality service that has maintained our standing as a Platinum Member of world's Best Managed Companies. We know that if you need to make one delivery, there's a good chance you'll need to make several. That's why it's important to us to treat you as a member of the Forstrex family. We won't just look at you as another number or schedule. You have needs, expectations and values that we strive to meet and exceed with our service. We've been in the courier and delivery game for over some years. We have the experience, knowhow and expertise to ensure your consignments get to their destination as needed and on time. Our ability to cater to your changing needs means we're unique in the world of delivery service. As we have a range of vehicles from articulated lorries to bikes we can literally tailor a cost-effective solution for you at exceptional value. Our growing success comes down to the way in which we have built our business. We can also deliver your goods/parcels through ship/vessel, train or by air in any where in the world and that's around three key deliverables. These deliverables are the core of our ethos. We live and work by them and they mean the world to us.

It's a high time to get a speedy and safe courier company as a customer and at other end Forstrex Courier services is the prime need of time to sustain in transportation business. Fast and reliable courier services can generate a good market reputation to define safe and secure courier company. Majority businesses are connected globally with the evaluation of internet. The local businesses also have been shifted on the world platform to deliver the finished goods and products. In such scenario the postal and parcel services is not quite enough and need the Forstrex Courier vehicle that transport the parcels within 3-4 days, though it may be the far remote international locations. Even, global education also has played a vital part to enhance the requirement of fast courier service. Thousands of students are residing in abroad need the home made food products, clothes, study materials and other daily life needs which need to be transported to the foreign countries because many of the things are cheaper in US compare to others. These have made people push to courier all homemade or ready made material shipping to their children at foreign destinations. The world globalization also have pushed the courier services for fast delivery of business goods, packers and movers and international relocation services for people and companies shifting their offices and jobs to different locations. Medicines, clothes, food products, electronic items, fine arts and excess baggage are some of the highly demanding materials for international transportation and this all can be provided through effective courier services. For big products, the international cargo shipment delivery is quite efficient and convenient way of delivery within your budget. Along with Forstrex International Delivery of the parcel, it needs for Courier Company to ensure the safe, secure and insured delivery of the goods. If you are looking for such exclusive courier services in your city, that provides domestic as well international courier services for majority all cities of the world.

At the outset we would like to introduce ourselves as an exclusive and one of the fastest Overseas Courier Services company catering mainly to any where in America, U.K, Europe, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and rest of the world customers. We are growing at a Forstrex rate and trying to capture majority of the market shares in our respective category of services that we cater to. Our Courier Franchisees offer a cost effective, reliable, timetable courier service, backed up by the latest computer technology and online parcel track and trace facilities, making Forstrex Logistics Courier the ideal choice for individal consumers, small to medium sized businesses as well as leading interational e-Tailers. If you're looking for cost effective, reliable, quick and efficient courier services, then Forstrex Logistics Courier will have your collection and delivery completed exactly how you want it. We know that's what you're looking for when you want to send a parcel and that's what Forstrex Logistics Courier, a courier service that prides itself on offering all this and more, is all about. If you didn't already know, Forstrex Logistics Courier is an international delivery's parcel collection service and offers a fully online package, meaning you can book a courier collection online on a date to suit you and Forstrex Logistics Courier will deal with your delivery quickly and professionally. We also offer parcel tracking to all clients and customers, meaning you can see exactly where your parcel is. Your delivery is what matters and Forstrex Logistics Courier have a wealth of parcel delivery experience to draw on, meaning when you send a parcel you can rest easy knowing that it's in safe hands. The advantage of using Forstrex Logistics Courier over using other standard postal services is that you'll avoid traffic, queues, parking and high parcel delivery prices.

Our wide range of services includes International goods/parcel Specialists, International Excess baggage Specialists, International Unaccompanied Baggage specialists, International Import Specialists, International Relocations Packers & Movers, International University applications Specialists,International Documents and Parcels Specialists, International Air Freight/Sea Freight Cargo Specialists, International Medicines Specialists(Conditions Apply), International Electronics Specialists, International NRI courier service, International Relocation Service Specialists and International Track Parcel/Track Parcel Specialists etc.

Over the past years, our team has built a vast network of agents through business collaborations around the globe. We’ve got decades of combined experience in a variety of fields, but the most important thing we bring to the table is that we all know what it feels like to be let down in a client relationship. We’ve all had to press six digits to get to a real human who didn’t understand or couldn’t solve our problem when we got there. We’ve all experienced what passes for “customer service” these days, and we knew when we started PGW that computer-generated voices, bots and drones weren’t ever going to be what we’re about. We made the commitment to treat our customers the way we would always wanted to be treated; as a valued and integral part of our business. At Forstrex, we know the difference between price and value. Yes, we’re able to offer a tailor-made rate structure that is very competitive in today’s market place, but aside from that we can also offer so much more value than the huge, impersonal Global courier service providers ever can. We actually appreciate our customers’ trade, and we thank them for it. The ones who send a handful of parcels locally per week are every bit as important to us as the ones who ship large volumes around the world. Our booking system also handles as much of the admin (the filling in forms, the label printing, the Customs paperwork, reports, the Track & Trace facility, etc.) as possible because if we can save our customers’ time and effort, we do. People who call upon PGW really come to rely on us because they know we’ll be there for them every time. We’re the ones they call when they’re frantic about a job coming off the press out of hours that needs to be on the first available flight in the morning, or when something has to be hand-delivered on a tight deadline. We take personal responsibility for moving their parcels as if they’re our own, whether they’re going to Birmingham or Brazil, Coventry or Canada or anywhere in the world. We just get the job done. We think people really appreciate working with Forstrex because we handle our customers’ problems and emergencies as though we were part of the same business and work right alongside them. Because sometimes, we do.


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